Many traditional applications are running on a Windows Server operating system which provides a user-friendly experience with solid reliability and performance. Using the powershell capabilities the newer Windows Server releases allowed a next-step automation to be deployed using minimal development effort.

As for many application Microsoft has put a lot of effort in the integration with API’s while being able to monitor and manage the different installations and services through Microsoft System Center.


The windows alternative which comes in many flavours and is especially interesting in virtualised environment due to its cheap variants which could lower a new service/application cost to market while providing the same reliability and performance of the more expensive alternatives.

The Linux market has grown over the past years and with the new automation capabilities where os-independent applications are deployed without the need of deep lmux knowledge allows application designers to focus on their application without the OS complexity.


Next to the x86 operating systems Core ICT has in-depth IBM Power with AIX knowledge which is relevant in multiple appliances and applications. From SAP to customer written application are able to be review by our experts. Not only the sizing of the hardware but also the possible fine-tuning of system parameters or the deployment of high availability is able to be executed by the Core ICT professionals.

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