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Our goal is to become a trusted IT advisor for our customers. This implies having the specific skills and knowledge of various vendors and products to be able to qualify most fitting solutions.
Although we have experienced system engineers, we wanted to be certified on a broad range of products and solutions, we also focused on obtaining the appropriate partner levels for these products.
We do not believe in passing certifications by studying only the “paper courses”, we decided to invest in equipment to really get a hands-on feeling and compare functionalities in a live environment, benchmarking the “paper course” statements to actual workloads.
As we now have met our partnership goals, have a solid environment with various products/solutions running in datacenter(s) we are ready for the next step !

We are convinced there can be a real benefit in using this test lab when you are considering new products or solutions, as it is not always easy nor possible to perform on premise Proof of Concepts.
It is not only hosted Proof of Concepts, we also see a demand for compatibility checks, test upgrade paths, performance benchmarks and various other possibilitites.
A real eye catcher is the interactive set of demos from vendors like Lenovo, IBM, Nutanix, EMC, VMware and many others. Bundle these possibilities with the assistance of our qualified system engineers and you will have an excellent opportunity to really dive deep into interested products/solutions.

We are ready for the next step

Open our Test Lab for customers and prospects

  • Lenovo Compute Platform 100% 100%
  • Nutanix XPC 100% 100%
  • Arista Network Platform 100% 100%
  • Cisco Network Platform 100% 100%
  • VMware Vsan Platform 100% 100%
  • IBM Spectrum Protect 100% 100%
  • IBM Spectrum Scale 100% 100%
  • Lenovo xClarity 100% 100%
  • Veeam Replication & Backup 100% 100%
  • VMware View 100% 100%

We want to offer our customers and prospects a similar hands-on approach and deep dive into new technology. Our demo lab with the assistance of our system engineers will prove to be a real added value.

Kristof Van Elshocht

Core ICT

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