For some clients we are already optimising their almost fully virtualized architecture to an even denser and optimised environment with less management and more automation. But still many clients have some or multiple systems which are not yet virtualized for many valid reasons.

At Core ICT we 2-yearly review the available desktop and server virtualisation products to test their new capabilities and help our client to optimise their virtual infrastructure. With the current influence of cloud, which is available in many flavours, it is also crucial to review the ability to integrate with different cloud solutions.

After being hardware independent the next step is to become hypervisor independent, any application/virtual machine should be able to seamlessly migrate to other hardware, other hypervisor, other location or even out of your datacenter to an external provider. Openstack is one of the solutions which could provide this kind of state-less application design.

As hypervisor we mainly focus on VMware and Hyper-V which currently provide an unseen stability and rich feature set in an effort-less management suite. In combination with the available automation capabilities the deployment of new services are faster than ever before.

Hypervisors are not limited to be used for server optimisation, the current capabilities of the different hypervisors allow much more optimisation to take place. With the centralised management it is not only possible to monitor and manage the hypervisors but it is also possible to manage many other components that are key within the company infrastructure.

This single-pane of management can extent to high-availability and disaster recovery but even better are the newly evolving disaster avoidance capabilities that are provided by business intelligence engines.

All these powerful extra features are driven by the need to optimise and automate as much as possible so the key persons of the client organisation do not have to spend their time on problem solving and deployment but they can take the time to think about possible enhancements to provide even better Service Level Agreements to the business owners.

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