The core of every infrastructure still exists out of server, storage and interconnectivity. There are plenty of flavours available which will satisfy application needs and customers easy of use.

Core ICT reviews the latest technology and provides solid feedback to our clients to built a solid background for applications. Key points of interest are reliability, availability, serviceability while providing a performance optimized solution with high availability and/or disaster recovery capabilities.

A small list of implemented architectures :

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Hyper-Converged
  • Converged
  • Traditional
  • Purpose built appliances
  • Traditional solution appliances


When designing infrastructure there is a lot of choice that allows customers to align their backend to their specific needs. There are two main hardware designs which are dependant on the application capabilities.

First there is the classic design where an application is hosted on a standard infrastructure which consists of commodity hardware, tailored hardware and appliances. Any application or workload can be sized and configured within this design methodology. Within a classic design pattern an horizontal (separately scale compute/storage) and/or vertical segmentation (grow by adding building blocks) is implemented to allow future growth and centralised management.

A second is the flexible and reliable scale-out design using the grid technology. Huge customers (google, …) and cloud providers are using this design which allows commodity standardised hardware to be used for a grid-ready workload. This is very reliable and solid design but applications are not always able to be ported to these environments.

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