Focus on your Core business and let us focus on your IT, as it is our Core business.

Core ICT offers advice on the design, implementation but also the continuous operation of complex and dynamic IT infrastructure solutions. IT Infrastructure today is an essential part to meet the various strategic goals of companies, ranging from warehouse coordination and manufacturing volumes, driving commercial insights by data analytics to global collaboration platforms.
Core ICT has a vendor independent approach but has close strategic connections with leading IT manufacturers and vendors for infrastructure solution designs. Our consultants have a broad experience in the field of IT infrastructure & software, but also pay close attention to the operational, strategic and financial aspects of infrastructure investments. They look very emphatically to existing environments, are able to identify the right requirements and needs of both the business and the IT organization and aid in aligning all concerned stakeholders.
This approach results in scalable and robust designs, integrated IT operations and will secure any made investments for the coming years.


Our 3 focus pillars :


Today’s IT requirements are continuously changing to meet both the business demand and market conditions. Core ICT has a clear view on the underlying IT Infrastructure layer and can advise you what might be your best match to meet those demands. We assist you with sizing, design, implementation and best practices but also focus on the financial aspects of your infrastructure platform(s).

Services & Consultancy

IT Technology is changing at an ever increasing speed. Being agile is critical today, and it implies a profound knowledge of today’s technology, but also understand what emerging technology can bring as value for your organization. Let Core ICT be your partner of choice to help you with your current installations, upgrades but also audits and strategic discussions such as performance management, how to increase RPO and RTO and what could be your next game changing technology. Our system engineers do this on a daily basis and will bring you all their experience and skills, use IT to your benefit.

Remote Operations

IT Operations are the heart and brains for many vital procedures and workloads. Maintaining all the required skills can be costly and time consuming and are not the core business of most companies today, but IT is our core business. Let us remotely monitor, remedy and/or manage your IT operations, ranging from mere infrastructure management, to virtualization layer up to the complete environment. IT as a Service, use IT when you need it, and pay for exactly how much you need IT.

Why Choose Core ICT ?

Proved track record at various customers, let them convince you

Years of experience and established relationship with both vendor and manufacturer

Flexible and agile approach

Certified employees, year on year

Years of experience in the IT field in various environments and platforms

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